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The products of Thai NOK Co., Ltd. are separated by factories:
      Bangpakong Plant consists of 4 plants located in an area of approximately 46 Rais at Amata Nakorn Industrial Estate (Phase 4)
          - Bangpakong 1 Plant produces sealing product such as Oil Seal, Valve Stem Seal, and Engine Seal. The products are mainly supplied to the automotive industry. These seals are used to prevent water, chemical compounds, gases or other materials from leaking out of machinery and simultaneously prevent the intrusion of dust, sand or other foreign objects from the outside world. 
          - Bangpakong 2 plant produces safety component parts in automotive industry such as Dynamic Damper, Center Bearing Support, Dust Cover, Boot, Bush, Shift Lever Bush, Spark Plug Tube Seal, Control Valve, Expansion Tank and Recoil Starter.
          - Bangpakong 3 plant produces the products that are made from rubber only such as Diaphragm, Radiator Gasket, Camera Seal, Oil Filter Gasket and other rubber only.
          - Mixing plant produces synthetic rubber which is main component for the products of Thai NOK Co., Ltd.
       Panthong plants is located at Amata Nakorn Industrial Estate (Phase 8) in an area of approximately 30 Rais.
         - Panthong plant, established in March 2008, is where casting products and main products as Torsion Vibration Damper (TVD) and Float valve (FV) are manufactured.
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